Hybrid Tours

An Alpine Adventure With a Little of Both

For those joining us for a six-night or 12-night trekking excursion who wish to venture farther afield, Alpine Adventure Trails Tours offers a hybrid tour option that lets you customize pre or post travel with us. Think of it as the freedom of independent exploration without the hassle of planning. An interview process allows us to assess and structure supplementary travel based on personality, interest, and fitness level.

We handle all booking arrangements for hotels and excursions, and can extend your rail pass at a much better rate than you would find otherwise. Whether you want to go mountaineering on the Eiger or stroll the elegant piazzas beside Lake Lugano, we can accommodate so that all you have to worry about is taking it all in.

We offer 4 levels of hiking:
easy, moderate, strenuous and mountaineering.

Call 1-888-478-4004 to book a tour or for more details.

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